CalAmp Telematics Cloud: An Enterprise M2M Application Enablement Platform

In today's complex, competitive landscape, it is no longer enough to have a basic M2M solution in place. Increased price and service delivery pressure, stringent security requirements and an ever-tightening marketplace necessitate the adoption of technologies that optimize operations with custom device and asset management applications.

For enterprise, utility and industrial verticals, it is not a question of whether a new solution is needed; it is a matter of how quickly. Older technologies lag in responsiveness and security, and rely on control models that do not scale. A business that fails to move to new technologies that enable smarter solutions is a business that cannot grow beyond a certain point, cannot operate efficiently, and in many cases is vulnerable to the risk of losing the competitive edge.

This white paper explores a third option that alleviates both the risks of off-the-shelf solutions and the expense of custom solution development.